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George Leslie Adkin -- 13 november 1918

George Leslie Adkin (1888–1964) was een Nieuw-Zeelandse boer, etnoloog, geoloog, archeoloog en fotograaf. Zijn dagboek (met foto's) voor 1913 staat online bij National Museum of New Zealand.

Tues. Nov. 12
Showery day. Rode up to Sonoma - shepherded ewes & lambs on 100ac, top and Leighton p. Saw 39 of the 44 steers on Mill p. 3 have got into Kay's & 2 missing. While rain lasted rolled up wire & cables of old fence & floodgate across Makahika below Ram p. Pulled foxgloves on "burm" in SE corner of Leighton p. (1 1/4 hrs) Moved 31 steers from Mill to 100ac. p. making 32 there; also 2 others in top p. On reaching home found that the Germans had signed the armistice & that hostilities had ceased on the 11th.

Wed. Nov. 13.
Peace celebrations & a lovely fine day for the rejoicings. Drove down to Levin about 10am. Town full of people & a large number in fancy dress.

Photos (1/4 pl) (1) Clif (Mephistopheles), Viv (Lady) & Miss Kingston (old fashioned swell), all on horseback on the way down to Levin

(2) Riri Nicholson, the leader of the procession, in Maori costume

 (3) John Bull (Mr. Vickers) & girls with decorated bicycles

(4) Convict (Mr. Noble) & Maori (Mr. Proctor)

(5) head of pro- cession from balcony Grand Hotel

(6) Procession - girls in fancy dress

(7) Procession - motor cars The procession finished at the recreation ground & a good many poeple picniced there.

Photos (8 & 9) Maori group & car got up as a Maori whare

(10) Funeral view of crowd. Later in afternoon the Chelsyn Rise party re turned with Gertie and Nancy in fancy dress.
Photos (11) Indian Maiden (Gertie) & Belgian girl (Nancy)

12 Girl's race including Gertie
(13) Group - Nancy, Gertie & Miss Goldsmith.

Home to tea. In evening Gertie & I drove down with Father and others in the car to torch- light procession & concert in Recreation Ground but the affair was rather a "frost" [?]. On e good item, however, was "Archibald" sung by Mr. D. Matheson.

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