vrijdag 21 maart 2014

William Steinway -- 21 maart 1888

March 21st Wed.
Wet + dark weather, cabled last night to Hamburg to stop foolish list with low Retail prices answer this morning that they are only exposed at the warerooms in Hamburg. Paul Loeser calls on me and I take Herman entirely with Steinway + Sons to start from tomorrow morning. In evg Grand Memorial Services at St. Hall in honor of Emperor Wm. I preside with Mr. Hauselt, Schurz & Bigelow speak, Seidls Orchestra and everything turns out to be a glorious success. Spend couple of hours with Seidl after cabling to Emperor Frederick Berlin

March 22d Thursd.
Feel much relieved + work hard. In ev’g at store. Louis v. Bernuth proposes to my daughter Paula and she accepts him. Willie has fever and grows hoarse, so that I run for Dr. Schadau at 11 P.M. who prescribes for him, Willie sleeps very little.

William Steinway (1835-1896) was de oprichter van Steinway & Sons. Hij hield een dagboek bij van 1861-1896.

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