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Frederick Edwards -- 18 maart 1901

Monday 18 March 1901: Another very wet night. I did not wake up until wet through, went below and changed, passing the rest of the night, under a form, the only place I could find. Rough sea.

Tuesday 19 March 1901: Very high land in sight at sunrise, Strong wind, with a rough sea.
Passed “Cape of Good Hope” at 10:00, about 10 kilometres off. Sighted 'Table Mountain' at 11:00. The mountains along the coast are very rugged, and appear to be covered with low undergrowth. Anchored in 'Table Bay' at 1600 about half a kilometre from shore. There were over 60 vessels in the harbour, it was a grand sight. The town extend for over 5 kilometres along the lower land, near the beach, and also back towards the mountains. 'Table Mountain' looms up at the back of the town, to all appearance about a mile away, but is almost 8 kilometres from the water’s edge. On its right looking from the harbour, rises 'The Lion's Rump', and 'Signal Hill', which has a signal station at the top. Immediately after anchoring the Chief Transport Officer came off, and we heard that we were to leave for Port Elizabeth the next day, not being allowed to land here, on account of the plague. At night we witnessed a grand sight, the electric lights extending along the shore, Table Mountain shining out in the background, with the lights from the various vessels adding to the grandeur, making it a most magnificent sight.

Frederick Edwards (1887-1947) was een Australische soldaat die in de Boerenoorlog vocht. Zijn oorlogsdagboek is hier te lezen.

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