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Andy Warhol -- 5 maart 1984

Monday, March 5, 1984
I read the book about Mrs. Chairman Mao called White Boned Demon and I decided to do paintings of her. It was great, about how she went from prostitute to Chairman Mao's wife. But I mean, how this guy wrote this stuff I don't know. I mean, going back to individual days in her childhood and remembering if she was happy or sad, I mean, they don't even know what happened to her mother, let alone if she was unhappy on Tuesday in May 1937! The Mrs. Mao book didn't have any pictures in it so now I have to find some.

Tuesday, March 6, 1984
Worked on the Michael Jackson Time cover until 8:00. Then watched some terrible TV. I saw Joan Collins in some old movie like Caesar and she was so bad, and now she's got the right part and she's so good. It was all just finding the right part.

Wednesday, March 7, 1984
Ran into the lady whose portrait I just did, Mrs. Tisch, and I was wondering why she looked so familiar. She said she loves portraits but doesn't know how many she's going to take. Fred's going to call her.
I finished the Michael Jackson cover. I didn't like it but the office kids did. Then the Time people came down to see it, about forty of them. And they stood around saying that it should increase newsstand sales "by 400", so I guess they do think about this. Then later the Time guy called me - Rudy - and said they were going to use it. I think the yellow one. And I told him to cross his fingers that it wouldn't get bumped on saturday and he said he would.

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was een Amerikaanse kunstenaar. Hij hield een dagboek bij van 1976-1987.

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