zaterdag 15 maart 2014

Dotty Banister -- 15 maart 1942

Sunday, March 15, 1942
I had a lovely time at home today. I went to Sunday School and saw lots of old friends. I came back to W'ford about 7:30. About 8:00 Slick came down and we went to Clinton with Charles, Dorris Stockwell, Leonard Wedel & Naomi Watson. We saw the show "Lady Be Good". I liked it. It hailed and rained while we were over there. Once as I was going out to the car I slipped and fell and skinned both knees. I also got my dress all wet. Poor me. That sort of spoiled my evening. Slick sorta had a hangover from last night. He wasn't feeling so good. I sure wish he wouldn't drink. I got to bed about 1:30. Geneva stayed all night with us.

Dotty Banister (1921-2007) was een Amerikaanse huisvrouw. Ze hield van 1942 tot 1945 een dagboek bij.

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