zondag 16 maart 2014

George Orwell -- 16 maart 1939

Yesterday not quite so hot, overcast & clouds of dust. Ditto today, probably presaging rain.
Other wildflowers here: a small kind of scabius, several vetches, one of them very pretty, with a flower about the size of that of a garden pea, in two colours, pink & magenta. Several new ones in the last few days which I cannot identify. In many places the ground is now actually covered with them, predominantly the wild marigold, a pale yellow flower which is evidently mustard, & a smallish daisy not unlike the English one.
Yesterday three greenfinches, a cock & two hens, sitting on the telephone wires:
1st. greenfinch: “little bit of bread.”
2nd. “ : “little bit of bread.”
1st. “ : “little bit of bread.”
2nd “ : “little bit of bread.”
3rd (the cock): “Che-e-e-e-e-e-se!”

Men still ploughing in places. Yesterday a man sowing, broadcast out of a bag. Flocks of domestic pigeons swooping down to try & steal the seed, & the men chasing them off.
Yesterday saw a very young camel cub, evidently only a few days born as it had a bit of navel-string. Nevertheless its legs were almost as long as its mother’s.
Cavalry passing yesterday. Note that all the horses seem to be stallions.

George Orwell (1903-1950) was een Britse journalist en schrijver. Vl;ak voor en tijdens WOII hield hij een dagboek bij.

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