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Guy Blake -- 22 maart 1903

Sunday, March 22, 1903
I sat another hen no. 4 today on 13 D.C.B.P. Rocks eggs today. My darling came home today. Vollie came up and brought her. You bet I was glad. Vollie went home as soon as he had dinner and fed the team.

Hens laid 24 eggs.

Monday, March 23, 1903
I transplanted my tomato plants from the house to the hot bed. And sowed some other seeds. My darling helped and then I put in a partition in my new hen house. Cornea helped.

Hens laid 19 eggs.

Tuesday, March 24, 1903
Today it stormed so I could not work. So I did not do anything. I put a couple of lamps into it to keep it warm.

Hens laid 23 eggs.

Wednesday, March 25, 1903
I do not do much today. Earl went over into the woods and I worked on my broo**ters and hen house.

Hens laid 23 eggs.

Guy Blake (?-1959) was een Amerikaaanse vuurtorenwachter. Zijn dagboek over 1903 is hier te lezen.

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