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George Bubb Dodington -- 8 maart 1749

March 8
In the beginning of this year, I was grievously afflicted with the first fit of the gout, which, with a fall that strained one leg and wounded the other, confined me to my chamber near three months.

During my illness, several kind expressions from the Prince towards me, were reported to me, and on the 8th of March, his Royal Highness ordered the Earl of Middlesex, his Master of the Horse, to send Mr. Ralph (whom he had often talked to about me) with a message from his Royal Highness, to offer me the full return of his favour, and to put the principal direction of his affairs into my hands.
I told Mr. Ralph, that I desired the two following days to consider of it ; and that he should have my answer at twelve o'clock, on Saturday the 11th instant.

March 11
This day in the morning I wrote to Mr. Pelham, desiring him, as I was not able to go out, to wait upon the King, and in my name humbly to resign, into his Majesty's hands, my office of Treasurer of the Navy.

The same day I gave Mr. Ralph my answer in writing to the Prince's gracious message, to be delivered to the Earl of Middlesex, taking his honour that he would lay it before his Royal Highness ; which Mr. Ralph per- formed, as did also his Lordship.

The same morning, I received a very civil letter from Mr. Pelham, testifying his concern and surprise at my resolution, and desiring that he might see me, before he delivered my message to the King, and acquainting me, that he would come to me on Monday the 13th in the morning, before he went to court, being then just going into the country.

March 13
This day early m the morning, Mr. Pelham made me a long visit with much civility; he seemed to wish much that this affair might go no farther. I told him that I saw the country in so dangerous a condition, and found myself so incapable to contribute to its relief and so unwelcome to attempt it, that I thought it misbecame me any longer to receive great emoluments from a country, whose service I could not, and if I could, I should not be suffered to promote : so I begged him to execute my commission to the King ; and then we parted.

He came to me again, about eleven o'clock^ to let me know that the King accepted my resignation very graciously, but expected that I would continue to act, till he could fix upon a proper successor. I did so, and was continued in the office till the 3d of May.

George Bubb Dodington (1691-1762) was een Engelse edelman en politicus. Zijn dagboek is hier te lezen.

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