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Julie M. Fidler -- 19 december 1977

Monday, December 19, 1977
Nothing wonderful happened today.
After school I went to the dentist. I have to go again the same time tomarrow. Do you believe X-mas is almost here? Seems like only yesterday was the C&T [Captain & Tennile] concert May 27.
I'll have to start a new diary soon. I'll try to make it more interesting. It all depends on what happens in '78!
more snow on its way

[31-12] Resolutions for '78

1. to be a devoted C&T fan
2. to have a sunnier personality
3. try harder in school
4. keep better groomed
5. find a boyfriend
6. be more humorous
7. improve my writing
8. Meet C&T, and kiss Pooh!
9. finish my book
10. buy all forthcoming C&T albums
11. keep room picked up
12. make bed (maybe)
13. treat dog nicer (forget it!!)

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