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John Steinbeck -- 23 mei 1951

John Steinbeck (1902-1968) was een Amerikaanse schrijver. Op 13 februari 1951 begon hij te schrijven aan het beroemde East of Eden; hij hield een soort dagboek (Journal of Novel) bij tijdens het schrijven van dit boek.

May 23, Wednesday
The joyful thought came to me this morning that you may be getting god dam sick of this endless soapbox and there is not a thing in the world you can do about it. You are sunk. The one thing you can do is not to read it and I think you are too curious for that so I have you and I can be as dull as I wish. Ho! Ho! You will have noticed that this section is pretty beat up. It happened this way. Last night I took the day's work to bed to read to Elaine and I spilled a glass of water on it. So I dried it off and I am going to use it. The last half of 123 is a little rocky but it is better than breaking the sequence. Now — I have sketched in the background history of the Valley in the 1900s. With so much to be written sometimes it is difficult to know where to put what. The matter of arrangement can be very important indeed. But I thought about it a good deal last night when I didn't sleep much and I think I know what comes next. And it must be extremely well done and again underwritten. Summer being comen in and this morning I brought up my air conditioner and when I finish work today I will build the bracket to hold it and tomorrow morning I will mount it and then I will be fixed for the summer. Now — I guess that is about enough. I think you will be delighted over the episode of the naming of the twins. I am. Now I'll let you know and let you go.

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