zaterdag 20 mei 2017

Emma Thompson -- 20 mei 1995

Emma Thompson (1959) is een Britse actrice. In 1995 hield ze een dagboek bij tijdens de opnames van Sense and Sensibility, een film naar het boek van Jane Austen, van regisseur Ang Lee.

Saturday 20 May: Cannes. Get on plane 9 a.m. -apparently it belongs to Chris de Burgh. My spot has made a third appearance and practically has features of its own. I try to improve my appearance and just end up getting a quantity of mascara in my hair. Press ahead.
7 p.m. Cannes rather quiet. They have less money from the govern-ment this year, Fm told. Pamela Anderson causing great excitement in black leather get-up. Went for a walk despite earnest pleas from the publicity folk not to: 'You'll be bothered by photographers and public,' they intone. Trotted off down the Croisette and no one took a blind bit of notice except one young person who clutched her companion and tossed, 'Is that Sharon Stone?' I was thrilled until I realised she was referrmg to the woman behind me (who didn't look like Sharon Stone either). Charming journos all day. Foreign.

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