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Emma Thompson -- 1 juni 1995

Emma Thompson (1959) is een Britse actrice. In 1995 hield ze een dagboek bij tijdens de opnames van Sense and Sensibility, een film naar het boek van Jane Austen, van regisseur Ang Lee.

Thursday 1 June: The worst news. Christopher Reeve (with whom I worked on The Remains of the Day) has been badly hurt in a riding accident. Black, black day.
Sense and Sensibility is about love and money. Perhaps its main question is, can love survive without money? A pithy question. Romantic codes teach us that love conquers all. Elinor disagrees. You need a decent wage, a competence. Some people need more. Some people need more money than love. Most people would rather have love with a comfortable amount of money. It's a difficult thing to accept. It cries out against all our cherished ideals, But interesting that our 'western' romantic symbols cost a great deal. Roses, diamonds . . .
The lawn is covered in daisies, which indicate the wrong season. Chris Newman asks all the members of the public who are watching to piek them off. Wonderful image as they all kneel obligingly and get to work.
Journalists on set. One informed me she'd seen Carrington in Cannes and didn't like it. 'Oh,' I said.
I'm so exhausted today that any extra demands make me tetchy. Must stop smoking. My one roll-up idea develops into five or six and it's madness.
Harriet Walter and .James Fleet are back, commenting on the real oddness of having been away so long. I feit like that on Remains — missed everyone terribly and wanted to work more. It's a great privilege to be completely involved from start to finish.
Dinner with everyone, which nearly killed me. Staggered into bed at 11.20 and woke with the light at six. Glorious light.

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