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James Woodforde -- 21 mei 1778

James Woodforde (1740-1803) was dominee in het dorp Weston Longville in het Engelse Norfolk. Hij hield 44 jaar een dagboek bij; gedeeltes daaruit zijn gepubliceerd als The Diary of a Country Parson 1758 – 1802. Op 17 oktober 1802 schreef hij voor het laatst in zijn dagboek.

May 21. We all breakfasted, dined and slept again at Weston. I walked up to the White Hart with Mr. Lewis and Bill to see a famous Woman in Men's Cloaths, by name Hannah Snell, who was 21 years as a common soldier in the Army, and not discovered by any as a woman. Cousin Lewis has mounted guard with her abroad. She went in the Army by the name of John Gray. She has a Pension from the Crown now of 18.5.0 per annum and the liberty of wearing Men's Cloaths and also a Cockade in her Hat, which she still wears. She has laid in a room with 70 Soldiers and not discovered by any of them. The forefinger of her right hand was cut by a Sword at the taking of Pondicherry. She is now about 60 yrs of age and talks very sensible and well, and travels the country with a Basket at her back, selling Buttons, Garters, laces etc. I took 4 Pr of 4d Buttons and gave her o.2.6. At 10 o'clock we all went down to the River with our Nets a-fishing. .. At Lenswade Bridge we caught a Prodigious fine Pike which weighed 8 Pound and half and it had in his Belly another Pike, of above a Pound. We caught also there the finest Trout I ever saw which weighed 3 Pound and two ounces. Good Pike and Trout we also caught besides.

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