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Gladys Cooper -- 3 juni 1966

Gladys Bolon Cooper (1899-1989) was een Amerikaanse huisvrouw. Ze hield zo'n 50 jaar een dagboek bij.

TUESDAY. MAY 31.1966 A day we won't forget. A call at 6.30 thar Ralph had died about three o'clock. We had thoght he was improving from his coronary two weeks ago. Had to call all the children. Canceled my trip to New Orleans. We took Jennie to Cumberland - home at two. Then Charles went down to get our tickets and I went to beauty parlor. Had to call Frieda to tell her what flight we would be on. Had to take first class reservations that cost us more.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1,1966 Up at quarter 'till five. Left for airport at six. We left car at airport. Had a nice flight to Chicago - a two hour wait there. Another good flight on to Phoenix. Flo and Tom [Nelson; Flo was a cousin of Gladys' from Cumberland originally, but had lived in Phoenix for many years] met us and took us out to ranch. Hard to realise Ralph is gone. Some of their friends here in evening. Tired. Had to turn our watches back two hours.

THURSDAY. JUNE 2, 1966 We took rolls and coffee over and had breakfast with Mother [Stewartl. Margie [Ralph's daughter) loaned us her car and we went to Flo and Tom's. They took us to see silver that had been recovered trom U.S.S. Arizona, and on a long drive, then to a Swedish Restaurant for lunch. We all went in about five to see Ralph and had dinner after we came home. [Charles told me once that it seemed very strange to see his identical twin brother in his coffin - almost like seeing himself there]

FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1966 A very sad day- Ralph's funeral. It was a beautiful service, over 100 floral pieces. Some of men from Ralph's board [Ralph, a rancher all his life, also served on the board of a local bank later in life] came for lunch - thirty here for lunch - all Ralph's family. In the evening we walked over to Joe's. [Joe and Carol, and Mother Stewart both had their own houses on the ranch. Joe was Ralph's older son], Frieda showed some pictures of their trip.

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