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James Woodforde -- 4 juni 1776

James Woodforde (1740-1803) was dominee in het dorp Weston Longville in het Engelse Norfolk. Hij hield 44 jaar een dagboek bij; gedeeltes daaruit zijn gepubliceerd als The Diary of a Country Parson 1758 – 1802.

June 4. I breakfasted, dined, supped and slept again at Weston. My tooth pained me all night, got up a little after 5 this morning, & sent for one Reeves a man who draws teeth in this parish, and about 7 he came and drew my tooth, but shockingly bad indeed, he broke away a great piece of my gum and broke one of the fangs of the tooth, it gave me exquisite pain all the day after, and my Face was swelled prodigiously in the evening and much pain. Very bad and in much pain the whole day long. Gave the old man that drew it however 0. 2. 6. He is too old, I think, to draw teeth, can't see very well.

 June 5. I breakfasted, dined, supped and slept again at Weston. Very much disturbed in the night by our dog which was kept within doors tonight, was obliged to get out of bed naked twice or thrice to make him quiet, had him into my room, and there he emptied himself all over the room. Was obliged then to order him to be turned out which Bill did. My face much swelled but rather easier than yesterday tho' now very tender and painful, kept in today mostly. Paid and gave Will my servant this evening 0.5.0. Paid Mr. Dunnell this evening part of a bill due to him from me, for 1 cows, 3 Piggs, 3 p'. Shoes, Flower, Tea, Sugar, News Papers, Pipes, Candles, Pan, Tobacco, Beer, Mustard, Salt, Washing, Halters, Comb and Brush, Crabs, Bread and Porterage of £14. 9. 3. the sum of a Bank Note - of - £10.0.0.

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