dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Frederick Edwards -- 30 juli 1901

Tuesday 30 July 1901: C squadron was left at a drift in ambush, the remainder moving on, until daylight, when fires were seen through the brushwood on the banks of the Valsh River, a crossing was found with much difficulty, and we charged across, and at a gallop rushed into a lot of screaming women, and a number of Boers who were scattering in all directions, who were chased through the trees and hills at the back of the farm. Their wagons etc were laagered in a very pretty spot, and the women were just preparing breakfast, when we rushed in upon the scene. Two Boers were killed, and 14 captured, along with 10 wagons and several carts. Several wagons had teams of donkeys, then had a difficult job getting our captured wagons, up the steep banks. Rejoined the column at Walkraal, on the banks of the Vaal. We were all very tired and hungry, not having had any provisions with us. C squadron also captured 6 Boers.

Frederick Edwards (1887-1947) was een Australische soldaat die in de Boerenoorlog vocht. Zijn oorlogsdagboek is hier te lezen.

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