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Benjamin Franklin -- 22 augustus 1726

• In 1726 voer de Amerikaanse politicus Benjamin Franklin (1705-1790) aan boord van de Berkshire van Londen naar Philadelphia. Hij hield tijdens die reis een journaal bij.

Sunday, August 21
This morning we lost sight of the Yorker, having a brisk gale of wind at East. Towards night a poor little bird came on board us, being almost tired to death, and suffered itself to be taken by the hand. We reckon ourselves near two hundred leagues from land, so that no doubt a little rest was very acceptable to the unfortunate wanderer, who ’tis like was blown off the coast in thick weather, and could not find its way back again. We receive it hospitably and tender it victuals and drink; but he refuses both, and I suppose will not live long. There was one came on board some days ago in the same circumstances with this, which I think the cat destroyed.

Monday, August 22
This morning I saw several flying-fish, but they were small. A favourable wind all day.

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