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Robert Fripp -- 25 maart 2004


World HQ.

Insight from this morning's sitting: this is a transition year. Although all the necessary information on this is filed under ongoing, the data hadn't quite moved out to inform the rest of my parts & bind them together. Ah! that's why it's like this - it's a transition year!

Just about everything is getting into place: World HQ is beginning to function, the DGM website-of-nuovo-formation moves incrementally forward, although currently without any public presence; the geographical location of DGM HQ for the next period is open; King Crimson VII is underway, with outline repertoire & several new ideas in wernacious mode, although it has yet to play live; and new distribution for the KC record catalogue is also under construction. That's not all that's transiting, but it's a representative overview of my professional life.

DGM HQ 23.13

A very useful hour of catching-up with David. This included a discussion of his correspondence with E-Bay. E-Bay put the onus for the sale of bootleg (i.e. stolen) goods on the party whose goods have been snaffled; ie E-Bay is not concerned, to any practical extent concerned, that they sell illegitimate items. It seems they affect concern, and take their commission.

Finally, David played a demo of a Punk Bedroom-Song, arranged by The Vicar for Argentinian accordian band. This is the first song of The Vicar's Songbook No.1. Wonderfully playful.

Robert Fripp (1946) is een Britse gitarist. Hij houdt een online dagboek met foto's bij.

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