dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Allen Ginsberg -- 19 maart 1952

March 19, 1952.
Dreams: On plateau in Mexico or Inca land, I meet up with Lizzie Lehrman and perhaps Moe Mayer, some Jewish girl, Naomi (Liz's friend), going from tent to tent. I am following Lucien around sounding self-destroyd - an I reassuring them that I want to be? In morning walking up big college street, trees, lawns with Tom Livornese explaining to hoim how I wasn't queeer or not queer but loved sight and nakedness of certain kinds of boys (like image of half naked teenager on river standing up in lifeboat) and Livornese directing me to the Law School, I couldn't say I wasn't really in law school. He was explaining Law School manliness and practice and custom to me.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) was een Amerikaanse dichter en schrijver. Dagboekaantekeningen uit de periode 1937-1952 zijn gepubliceerd in The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice.

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