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Sergej Diaghilev -- 6 februari 1891

Sergej Pavlovitsj Diaghilev (1872–1929) was een Russische impresario. Op deze website zijn een aantal dagboekfragmenten van hem te vinden.

(feb 1891) Neither Jean de Reszke nor Van Dyck had much of a voice, nor were they always in tune. Still, I must admit that De Reszke was magnificent in 'Romeo et Juliette' and 'Tristan'. Seldom since have I witnessed simpler or more expressive acting or a more stylish manner. Edouard de Reszke had a big, full bass voice and a noble way of singing : women adored him. The De Reszke's were preceded by their reputation as social figures, men who kept racing stables in Warsaw and Paris. We knew that Lady de Grey had started - or rather revived - the opera seasons at Covent Garden for them, and that during these seasons, which were the most brilliant in the world, Jean de Reszke vied with the great Tamagno himself and often supplanted him in the favor of the snob public.

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