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Charles 'Chick' Bruns -- 25 februari 1945

• De Amerikaan Charles Francis 'Chick' Bruns (1919-?) vocht als soldaat in Europa tijdens WO II. Hij hield in die tijd een dagboek bij.

February 23, 1945 – Friday
Took a lot of salvage down and turned it in. Kept myself busy all day and Zirkel and I went to the show up town. Came home and wrote a letter and went to bed. Haven’t been feeling a bit good lately.

February 24, 1945 – Saturday
Finished up my books this morning and took a run down to the battalion to pick up some stuff. There is a dance for the company tonight. Don’t know how it will turn out.

February 25, 1945 – Sunday
The dance turned out pretty good all though I didn’t stay long. I have yellow jaundice [geelzucht] and I don’t feel very well. Should go to the hospital. If I don’t feel any better tomorrow I will.

February 26, 1945 – Monday
Well, I felt plenty tough today so I’m going to the hospital. Don’t know how long I will stay. Went over to the Bn Medics and they sent me on to the 3rd Medics. From there I went to the 173rd General Hospital (Nancy, France). Filled out all of my blanks and went up to Ward D-1 room 306. Took off all my clothes, put on pajamas and crawled into bed. The doctor came in and looked me over. Went to sleep as I felt rough.

February 27, 1945 – Tuesday
Boy, but they wake you early. 5:30 they woke us up to wash and get ready to eat breakfast. I couldn’t eat much. The doctor came in and looked me over. Said that I would go on a special diet. Stayed in bed all day.

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