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William Steinway -- 26 maart 1889

William Steinway (1835-1896) was de oprichter van Steinway & Sons. Hij hield een dagboek bij van 1861-1896.

March 26th Tuesd.
Go to store very early to write Theo. a nice long letter, when two cablegrams come in which I open with a trembling hand. The first is dated Hamburg, March 26th 1889 “Have left for Braunschweig, Shall stay there until day after funeral of my good papa Theodor [Williams oudere broer] who died suddenly last night. Cast one hundred N. plates Holwede” My heart almost stands still with horror, opening the other cablegram dated Braunschweig March 26th 1889 says “Theodor vorige Nacht plotzlich an Herzlähmung gestorben wird hier begraben Louise Cassebeer jetzt nicht kommen, Dorette” My head swims with terror, I instantly summon the Nephews + my son and cable Dorette Ziegler that we are griefstricken, to tell us when funeral is, to let Prof. Echtemeyer take Theodors Todten maske and to take care of Theodores Shares of Stock in St + Sons. An immense throng of people crowd me all day, and I have all I can do to give information to the press. Holwede cables from Braunschweig “funeral Thursday” and Chas. Ziegler starts from London there. Home in ev’g but both wife + myself are so excited that I pass a sleepless night, wrote Dorette, Holwede, Chas. Ziegler.

March 27th Wed.
Theodors death had been cabled from Berlin by the associated press and I receive many despatches, even from Agthe, Berlin, and Lomber San Francisco. All the papers have fine obituary notices and I cause the following official notices to go into German and english papers: Assemble nephews and my son George we resolve to closeup all our establishments tomorrow, St. Hall, Astoria & 53d str. also London and Hamburg. Home in eveg, look over Theodors will and codicills once more, filling waiver of citation and Executors petition carefully, having seen Surrogate Rastus S. Ransom, and Edward J. Tinney Probate Clerk, and instructed by them as to proceedings as to probate of C. F. Theodor Steinways will, which is a very complicated one heirs scattered in America & Europe.

March 28th Thursd.
Raining. Many letters, telegrams and visitors of condolence. Hans v. Bulow conducted concert last night, refusing to play piano, I set Stürck copying will and codicills, he gets through at 3½ P.M. when I go down town, stop at Bischoffs, then by high hat craped at Ernenweins and work like a beaver at Surrogates Office filing will and getting order of Surrogates Home in ev’g working. In answer to my cablegram to Herrig + Frantz as to Theodors deposit they cable back “194.000. ferner 70.000. Effecten” Herrig. Wife tells me that baby is very lively + kicking strongly.

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