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Evelyn Waugh -- 23 maart 1943

Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966) was een Britse schrijver. Zijn dagboeken zijn gepubliceerd als The diaries of Evelyn Waugh.

Monday 22 March 1943
A day of ineffable boredom ending pleasantly in a carouse. Basil and I got drunk and went over to call on Bob and Phil just back from London. On the way home we ran into a pile of stones and incapacitated the car.

Tuesday 23 March 1943
Headache. Basil and I drinking gin and tonic by 10.30. Two sharp blows to professional pride in finding [Tom] Churchill sent to Shetlands to brief Fynn for the operations and John Selwyn appointed assistant brigade major with hints that he will take over in near future when Brian is to go away. Later in the morning Bob explained to me that I am so unpopular as to be unemployable. My future very uncertain. The first seed of the trouble was my telling Churchill weeks ago that I did not think there was any function for intelligence pfficers in the brigade. This, of course, is the worst blasphemy to staff officers of his type whose entire life is built up round the system and emphasizing the importance of their appointments. It is their object to make work for themselves, if possible so much that it justifies the appointment of a subordinate and their own promotion. It is not the military system to see where there is work that needs doing and to send someone to do it, but to start with the men and try and find something for them to do. Consequently there is a shortage of manpower in one quarter, and idleness, or worse still unnecessary work, in another. There was not time to say this yesterday. I hope to today.
Bob, Phil, Brian off to Torquay. Basil and I went to Purse Caundle again where we found nothing but welcome and kindness. Stopped to eat eggs with Angie and then home.

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