donderdag 24 maart 2016

Victor Buencamino -- 24 maart 1942

• Victor Buencamino (1888-1977) was eeb Filippijnse bestuurder. Fragmeneten uit zijn dagboek zijn te lezen bij The Filippine Diary Project.

March 24, 1942
If the news about President Quezon is true, this country has lost one of its main pillars. But I have a feeling, the news is false. Men like Don Manuel do not die in times like this. He is destiny’s godson.

Capati and Oliveros called to Fort Santiago.

Pagu and Unson still languishing in the fort. Their families have not heard from them.

More troops have arrived. Saw them speeding through Taft Avenue in camouflaged trucks. Somebody said they were speeding to their death.

March 25, 1942
Another man arrived from Bataan. Said he was Philip’s sergeant. He was sunburnt and thin and sick with malaria. “Do not worry about Phil,” he said. He would not stay for dinner. We asked him if Philip was sick “No,” he replied, he is all right.” Vic, my other boy, wanted to go with him. “One in the family is enough,” he replied. He was a very cheerful fellow. I can still remember his smile. He was like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

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