dinsdag 29 maart 2016

Derek Jarman -- 30 maart 1980

• Derek Jarman (1942-1994) was een Britse filmmaker. Hij publiceerde zijn dagboeken in onder meer Dancing Ledge (1984).

There is only one English feature director whose work is in the first rank. Michael Powell is the only director to make a clear political analysis in his films, his work is unequalled. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp is the finest English feature, and A Canterbury Tale and A Matter of Life and Death are not far behind. When he made these films he was heavily criticized for his treatment of serious themes. Blimp was banned by Churchill and remained in a savaged version for nearly forty years, a plea for tolerance and regard for the enemy as human made at the height of the war - there is no more courageous English film. It is a tragedy he has made so few films in the last twenty years, none in the last ten, and a lasting condemnation of all those who make films. He was a major casualty of the spurious social realism of the sixties, whose practitioners have grown fat and invaded the media with their well-scrubbed minds. Their films are never seen by the communities they are made in, but transported via the colour supplements straight to a land where the consciences of the Conscious are titillated and prizes for honest are won...

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