donderdag 14 mei 2015

Tony Benn -- 14 mei 2005

Tony Benn (1925-2014) was een Britse politicus. Een gedeelte uit zijn Diaries 2001-2007 is hier te lezen.

Saturday, May 14
On the way back from Natasha's engagement party, I caught the bus from Oxford Circus. It was absolutely packed, and on board was a short cockney guy, very short, who asked me:
"Are you an MP?" I said: "No, but I was." "Well," he said, "politics is all b****cks. The only thing that matters is the Bible." So I said: "Well, yes, I read the Bible as a child."
"Yes, but only the Bible is worth having!" So I said: "I understand that, but I mean the Bible didn't give us the National Health Service."
"Ah, b****cks!" Then he said: "Love your neighbour" and "You know, you are an evil b***ard." So I said: "I thought you were meant to love your neighbour?"
"Oh well, well ... who irons your shirts?" So I said: "They aren't ironed."
"It looks ironed to me. I suppose you come from a wealthy family?" "Well," I said, "my Dad was an MP."
"I suppose you've got a lot of people to iron your shirts?" "No, they just go in the washing machine and come out again."
He got off. Of course this conversation was very loud on the crowded bus, and people were laughing all around.

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