dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Frances Lady Shelley -- 20 augustus 1850

Frances Lady Shelley (1787-1873) was een Britse hertogin, die bekend is geworden door haar gelukkige huwelijk en haar dagboek.

Tuesday, 20. Lord Jersey and others came to take leave ; every one is going out of town. Went again to the Opera to hear the new singer, Fiorentini, in Norma. She is very handsome, and her arms are quite beautiful. She promises to be first-rate, having much that is excellent, and faults which if she is not spoilt she will correct. Sontag again a failure in the  last act of Sonnambula. She is worn out with the fatigue of the Season ; and looks ugly and vulgar in those parts. In the Tempesta, earlier in the year, Sontag was admirable, but nothing will ever equal the rush of song in Jenny Lind, who is so well named " The Nightingale." Sontag reaches perfection in certain parts which suit her; but those parts are few, and she is more successful in concerts. The Hay-market Opera fails completely, especially in the mise en scene, dresses, orchestra, etc. The house looks dirty, and is neglected. The orchestra at Covent Garden under Costa is perfect; and nothing that I ever saw, or heard, equalled The Prophete, as sung by Mario, and Viardot. I met her at the House of Lords. She says that singing does not fatigue her voice. Off the stage she is hideous ; her face is like a mask.

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