zondag 26 mei 2013

James Cook -- 26 mei 1771

Sunday, 26th. A Steady Trade and Cloudy Weather. About 1 o'Clock P.M. departed this Life Lieutenant Hicks, and in the Evening his body was committed to the Sea with the usual ceremonys. He died of a Consumption which he was not free from when we sail'd from England, so that it may be truly said that he hath been dying ever since, tho' he held out tolerable well until we got to Batavia. Wind North-East by North; course North 46 degrees West; distance 92 miles; latitude 20 degrees 47 minutes North, longitude 29 degrees 35 minutes West.

James Cook (1728-1779) was een Britse zeevaarder en cartograaf, die bekend werd vanwege zijn drie ontdekkingstochten naar de Grote Oceaan. Tijdens zijn reizen hield hij scheepsjournalen bij.

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