donderdag 30 mei 2013

Benjamin Britten -- 31 mei 1935

Friday 31 May
Mum shops & goes to Beth for lunch & tea. I go to Blackheath about 10.30 & work at script with Legg, Bond & Cavalcanti. This takes all day until 6.30 when Cavalcanti comes with me to the M.M. Club to meet Mum & Beth & we eat there together. At 8.0 we all go to Soho Square to see the periodic 'Joints', shows of recent G.P.O. & other important films. See Stamp Film, many shorts, a very early 'Garbo' 'Joyless Street' & a very lovely French one about 3 years old - by Jean Vigo, Les Jeunes Diables à Collège - a perfect masterpiece, a revelation in many ways. Back by 12.30.

Benjamin Britten (1913–1976) was een Engelse componist, pianist en dirigent. Zijn dagboeken uit zijn jonge jaren (1928-1938) zijn gepubliceerd als Journeying Boy.

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