donderdag 23 mei 2013

Captain William Clark -- 23 mei 1804

We set out early, ran on a log, and were detained one hour, proceeded the course of last night two miles to the mouth of a crcck on the starboard side, called Osage Woman’s River, about 30 yards wide, opposite a large island and a (American) setllement. On this creek 30 or 40 families are settled.
Stopped about one mile above for Captain Lewis, who had ascended the cliff which is at said cave, three hundred feet high, hanging over the waters. The water excessively swift today. We encamped below a small island in the middle of the river. Sent out two hunters. One killed a deer. This evening we examined the arms and ammunition. Found those men's arms in the pirogue in bad order. A fair evening. Captain Lewis near falling from the pinnacles of rocks, 300 feet. He caught at 20feet.

William Clark (1770-1838) ondernam samen met Meriweather Lewis een expeditie naar de nog onverkende binnenlanden van de VS. Hun reisjournaal is gepubliceerd als The Journals of Lewis and Clark.

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