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J. Henry Hallam -- 24 februari 1945

• De Brit J. Henry Hallam zat in 1944 en 1945 als krijgsgevangene in Stalag VIII-B in wat nu Polen is. Hij hield in die tijd een dagboek bij.

Februari 23 1945 Friday.
A cold sleep last night. Have slice of bread and salt for breakfast. The cart goes after dinner for rations. Dick has worked the oracle, he has been out, and brought a kit bag full of spuds in, also a pound of meat, and a good piece of Jerry sausage. The Gods must be smiling on us. Midday soup was good, also “bukshees”. Made a stew of the meat, and a few spuds for tea. Dick says he feels full, I do too. What a marvellous feeling. Tom gets some apples off the old Frau: today seems to be our lucky day.

Februari 24 1945 Saturday.
Sleep fairly warm. Drizzling with rain. Tom warms a few boiled spuds up for breakfast, have a slice of dried bread with them, and one apple to finish off. The rations are due today. Wonder what the news is. Boil up more spuds, afraid we’ll all look like spuds soon. Rumour we might move on Monday.The rations come up! We get a loaf per man to last us for four days say the Jerry, also a little cheese. Dick does a bit of wood chopping. Tom is out on patrol. Also get a little of Jerry synthetic honey with our rations. Have cold spuds, little cheese and coffee for supper. Weather gets much colder I’m sure, our barn is cold.

Februari 25 1945 Sunday.
Sleep warm. Had coffee and three baked spuds for breakfast and a slice of bread and white cheese with salt to taste, and one apple as desert. Dick gets two more loafs of bread. Soup, tasty. Dick and I take a little exercise in the yard: just like “pukka” convicts. We get a treat today; they cook up some porridge in the cookhouse, we got “bukshees” too. Have drink of weak tea, and a slice of btread and honey for supper. Allied Forces rumoured fighting in the Rhur Valley.

Februari 26 1945 Monday.
Wonders will never cease, we were awakened about three o’clock this morning by Sgt. Humphreys with a lorry load of Red Cross Parcels. Everyone is happy again. I too feel a little elated. Have coffee with milk and sugar in it, what a treat. The parcels are American the first I have seen; each parcel has one hundred cigs inside. I have given my cigs to Tom and Dick. I shall start smoking when smokes get more plentiful. Dick goes milking cows, gets a little milk. Tom makes a stew for supper. It is raining outside, we get in bed early again. Humphreys has reported the case of the man getting shot to Stalag IVA

Februari 27 1945 Tuesday
Slept well last night. Dick has gone milking cows again! So we shall get milk in the coffee again. Have bread and American marg for breakfast with a little piece of Jerry sausage and apple. I have washed my vest this morning. We have our last brew of tea today. Ration cart does not go till tomorrow. Today the Jerry puts a smart one over us; we all pack up to move all for nothing. We had complained about guards stealing Red Cross Milk cows --- rumoured foot and mouth disease, no more milk. Rumours of going to Stalag at Pilsen.

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