vrijdag 6 februari 2015

Virginia Woolf -- 7 februari 1941

Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) was een Engelse schrijfster. Ze hield vrijwel haar hele leven een dagboek bij.

Friday 7 February
Why was I depressed? I cannot remember.
We have been to Charlie Chaplin. Like the milk girl we found it boring. I have been writing with some glow. Mrs Thrale is to be done before we go to Cambridge. A week of broken water impends. Cambridge; then Elizabeth Bowen; then Vita & Enid Jones. Helen has repaid me £25. Do I like her better for it? I think so. The snow came back. Marshes in the thaw a swamp. We were in London [on 5 February] & had to come home, owing to a bomb, by Dorking; the car was locked at Martin's [garage]; we dined at the White Hart — poor soup & oxtail; London streets are very empty — Oxford Street a wide grey ribbon. My red purse bag stolen & L. gave me another. At Charleston Clive was stockish, like a Bell. ï said "What a risk Nessa ran marrying him!" The Sitwells are proving their existence as poets in the Law Courts — This is despicable but delightful. And what else? [Ellen] Terry appears today in the N.S. The Italians are flying. The 3rd week in March is fixed for invasion. Now black out, & perhaps write to Mary. No I think read — what? I must tune up for my Elizabethans.

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