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Koningin Victoria -- 7 september 1855

Koningin Victoria van Engeland (1819-1901) hield een groot deel van haar leven een dagboek bij.

September 7, 1855.
At a quarter past seven o'clock we arrived at dear Balmoral. Strange, very strange, it seemed to me to drive past, indeed through the old house, the connecting part between it and the offices be-ing broken through. The new house looks beautiful. The tower and the rooms in the connecting part are, however, only half finished, and the offices are still unbuilt, therefore the gentlemen (except the Minister) live in the old house, and so do most of the servants; there is a long wood-en passage which connects the new house with the offices. An old shoe was thrown after us into the house, for good luck, when we entered the hall. The house is charming; the rooms delight-ful; the furniture, papers, every thing perfection.

September 8, 1855.
The view from the windows of our rooms, and from the library, drawing-room, etc, below them, of the valley of the Dee, with the mountains in the background, whicli one never could see from the old house, is quite beautiful. We walked about, and alongside the river, and looked at all that has been done, and considered all that has to be done, and afterward we went over to the poor dear old house, and to our rooms, which it was quite melancholy to see so deserted, and settled about tbings being brought over.

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