zondag 30 augustus 2015

Wolfhilde von König -- 30 augustus 1939

Wolfhilde von König (1925—1993) was als meisje lid van de Hitler-Jugend en hield in de oorlogsjaren een dagboek bij, dat in het Engels is vertaald als Wolfhilde’s Hitler Youth Diary 1939-1946.

Munich, 28 August 1939
Vati was recruited into the German Army this morning. We are all surprised, because Vati isn't all that young any more. He will first go to Grosskarolinenfeld. Hopefully he can soon return.

Munich, 30 August 1939
I wonder what our Führer will announce on September l in Parliament. Polish acts of terror against their ethnic-Germans take ever stronger forms. Fearful apprehension is visible on the faces of all the people that I see on the streets, in shops, or that I may pass anywhere else. There is anxiety and worry about the future: "War or Peace."

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