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Donald Manson Finlayson -- 16 november 1888

Friday, November 16, 1888: It was a nipper last night as it froze clear across the lake, it being very calm in the night, freezing very keen today. Back to the birch hewing them out to right thickness to carry home. For the sleds. Got them home and cut out our nets the will remain out now until ice will carry us then we will set them under the ice. We will not require floats on them then. We have 3 nets. Very nigh lost bob-tail or Kis-ki-u. He was playing around on the ice, we were cutting our way out to end of net in the boat and of course as we got out the ice formed behind the boat but it was not large enough pieces to hold him so he bounced in amongst the loose ice and the water was that cold he got chilled immediately and could not get up on the ice. By the time we got back to him he was very near a gonner but he is fat and hearty again as we took him up to the shanty and gave him a good drying and a big feed. Pup is three months old today.

Donald Manson Finlayson (1853-1889) hield in 1888 een dagboek bij van een jachttocht (?) die hij maakte met zijn broer. Begin 1889 kamen ze door bevriezing om het leven.

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