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Alfred A. Cunningham -- 7 november 1917

Wednesday, November 7, 1917
S.S. "St. Paul," At Sea
We had target practice this morning with the guns. I helped spot. The target was a barrel thrown overboard. The barrel remained intact throughout the firing but we came near enough to it to make a submarine in its place feel uncomfortable. Two of the guns had missfires, which is not very complimentary to the ammunition we use. The "snifters" (Lts. Stewart, Smith, Tumey and myself) had ourselves kodaked. I was drawn into a shuttle board tournament today and have beaten everybody so far. We play the finals tomorrow. Late this afternoon we passed a tramp steamer going west. I suppose her crew will be on Broadway within a week. We will be in the danger zone tomorrow and I expect to put my "cits" on in the morning. I suppose I will freeze as I have no "cit" overcoat. The weather was very pleasant all day and I was perfectly comfortable without an overcoat but it is much colder tonight.

Alfred A. Cunningham (1881-1939) was een Amerikaanse legerpiloot. Hij hield in 1917/1918 een dagboek bij toen hij in Frankrijk gestationeerd was; het is verschenen onder de titel Marine flyer in France.

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