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Lord Byron -- 17 maart 1814

George Gordon Byron (1788–1824), beter bekend als Lord Byron, was een Engels schrijver en dichter. Byrons reputatie berust niet alleen op zijn geschriften, maar ook op zijn leven vol aristocratische excessen, enorme schulden en talrijke liefdesaffaires. Lady Caroline Lamb noemde hem "mad, bad, and dangerous to know". Zijn brieven en dagboeken zijn integraal gepubliceerd.  De Nederlandse vertaling verscheen in Brieven en dagboeken (vertaald door Joop van Helmond).

Thursday, March 17th [1814]
I have been sparring with Jackson for exercise this morning; and mean to continue and renew my acquaintance with the muffles. My chest, and arms, and wind are in very good plight, and I am not in flesh. I used to be a hard hitter, and my arms are very long for my height (5 feet 8 1/2 inches). At any rate, exercise is good, and this the severest of all; fencing and the broad-sword never fatigued me half so much.

Redde the Quarrels of Authors (another sort of sparring)—a new work, by that most entertaining and researching writer, Israeli. They seem to be an irritable set, and I wish myself well out of it. "I'll not march through Coventry with them, that's flat." What the devil had I to do with scribbling? It is too late to inquire, and all regret is useless. But, an it were to do again,—I should write again, I suppose. Such is human nature, at least my share of it;—though I shall think better of myself, if I have sense to stop now. If I have a wife, and that wife has a son—by any body—I will bring up mine heir in the most anti-poetical way—make him a lawyer, or a pirate, or—any thing. But, if he writes too, I shall be sure he is none of mine, and cut him off with a Bank token. Must write a letter—three o'clock.

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