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Anoniem [Go ask Alice] -- 5 maart 196?

• In de jaren 70 was Go ask Alice (1971) een bestseller. Het is een dagboek van een 15-jarig meisje dat aan de drugs raakt. Tegenwoordig wordt aangenomen dat het boek is geschreven door Beatrice Sparks.

February 27
You'd think I was six years old the way Mom and Dad are watching me. I have to come straight home from school as if I were a baby. This morning when I left Mom's parting words were, "Come straight home after school." Wow! Like Tm going to get stoned at 3:30—it doesn't sound so bad at that. [...]

March 2
Today I went to the headshrinker's, a fat ugly little man who doesn't even have enough balls to lose weight. Man, I almost recommended some amphetamines—they'd cut his appetite and give him a blast at the same time. That's probably what he needs, sitting there peering over his glasses waiting for me to teil him some gory details. He's almost worse than anything else that's happened to me.

March 5
Jackie slipped me a couple of co-pilots in English when she passed out the test papers. Tonight after everyone goes to bed Pil get high all by myself. I can hardly wait!

Like here I am in Denver. When I was high I just walked out and hitch-hiked here, but now it seems crazy quiet and unreal, maybe that's because it's still early. I hope so, I've only got the twenty dollars that I took from Dad's pants, but no source.

I'm sharing a place with a couple of kids I met, but they think it's kind of dull here so we're going to go to Oregon and see what's happening in Coos Bay. We've got enough acid to keep us all stoned for the next two weeks or forever, and that's all that counts.

March ...
I haven't any clothes except these I had on when I left home and I'm getting so damned dirty I think they've grown on me. It was snowing in Denver, but it's so penetratingly damp here in Oregon it's a heil of a sight worse. I've got a fucking head cold and I feel miserable, and my period has started and I don't have any Tampax. Hell, I wish I had a shot.

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