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Edward Linley Sambourne -- 19 juni 1908

Edward Linley Sambourne (1844-1910) was een Britse cartoonist (voor Punch), tekenaar en fotograaf. Zijn dagboeken zijn te lezen op de site van 18 Stafford Terrace, ooit het huis waar Sambourne woonde.

Friday June 19
Stafford Terrace. Up 7.40 & out by Lytham House. Writing letters before breakfast. Bright sunny morning. Snapped Princess, rather off the plate, & others. Back & all day at work on drawing of Haldane & Suffragettes. Got thro' easily. Finished 9.45. Roy & self dined. Mite called 12.30pm. Enlarged & took Suffragettes at 12.0. Bed 11.30pm. Saw 2 Plats going by bus from Kensington Church. (Red ink: Acct in Times (today) of Sir Nicholas O'Conor's will, page 14.) (Cutting glued in: Death of Admiral Rozhdestvensky. July 21.)

Saturday June 20
Stafford Terrace. Up at 7.50. Very tired. Out in most brilliant sun. Took 11 up Church St at 100 second. Sent shirts. After put things away & letters. Lunch. Dressed. At 2.15 drove in carriage to Paddington. Saw Lady Roxborough, Causton etc etc. Caught one of the 1st trains to Windsor for His Majesty's Garden Party. On to Castle with 3 Americans. Medalled police. Lovely day. Strong N.E wind. Indian bodyguard. Foreign officers. Saw Burnand, Bancroft, Pinero etc, Weigall & Mrs W. Trendall, Eve & Lawrence Fisher-Rowe, O.S, Phipson Beales, Col & Mrs Lucas, Whitaker Ellis, Coleridge, Grove & many others. Rivières, Mr & Mrs Abbey. Had tea & after 1 glass of Champagne. H.M.the King, Prince & Princess of Wales & Prince Edward etc. Band. Left at 6.0. Easy train back. Curious garrulous old lady in train. By cab to Stafford Terrace at 7.15. Out & wired R.H to come tomorrow. Dined by self at 8.20pm. Went to the Hungarian Exhibition after. Cold & no one there hardly. Back by the carriage. Bed at 11.30. Tired. (Red ink: Went to the King's Garden Party at Windsor. Lovely day.) (Red ink across page: H.M the King's Garden party at Windsor.)

Sunday June 21
Stafford Terrace. Up 8.15 & out. To Kensington Court. R.H. Wired Beasley & Grosvenor Street. Back. Breakfast. Roy to go on river. Motor called 11.30am. Grey dull morning. Wrote many letters. Lunch 1.20, out 2.0. Great crowd of Suffragettes. Met Manley & wife. Cab to Berkeley Square. Walked to C.S. Had to wait 25 minutes. At 3.0 photod R.H. Out at 5.0. Home by bus. Seen by Spencer. 300,000 in Park. Huge crowds. Home by 4 wheeler. Wrote on mount of Spielmann's drawing. Developed 1 doz plates of yesterday & filled boxes. Dined by self at 8.15. A very good dinner. Read & to bed 11.45. Roy motored from the river to Lyndhurst & home 1.30 from Southampton. (Red ink: Photod R.H. Great Suffragette meeting in the Park.)

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