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Calamity Jane -- 21 juli 1893

• Van Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Canary, 1852-1903) zijn enige brieven en dagbroekfragmenten bewaard gebleven (waarvan de echtheid niet vaststaat).

July 1893
I experienced the worst hailstorm today that I ever saw in this country and never expect to see another one like it if I live to be a hundred. I was driving the stage. Hailstones as large as a coffee cup struck the top of the coach and split it like a knife I was near an abandoned shack with an old shed nearby so I hurried the horses into the shed it helped a little but the rear end of the coach had to stand in the storm. I wasn't soon enough getting in to the shed for when it was over I noticed one of the horses had been struck hard enough with a hail stone to put out one of his eyes. The Indians as well as the whites suffered losses. I saw hundreds of cattle and horses floating down the river. l had a letter today from Bill Cody asking me to go with his Wild West Show. The next time I write in this I will be a long ways from here.

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