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Mary T. Hill -- 10 juni 1899

June 10, Saturday
A warm showery day. Yet part of the afternoon was delightful. Mrs. Gotzian and I drove out to Calvary Cemetery – where we both find the names of many old friends.

June 11, Sunday
A dark wet morning and a wet disagreeable day. Wrote to Mamie and to a Mrs. Fyhree of Dillon Montana who writes to me thinking we may be cousins as she was a Mary Mehegan. If we are it is distant. Read Scotts life by Lockhart, and find it most interesting in every way. Mr. F. B. Clarke came in the evening.

June 12, Monday
Another wet morning. And quite sultry. Cleared at noon. At one oclock I drove to Minneapolis. At 4:15 p.m. Annie and I left Minneapolis for St. Paul. As we drove home we could see a tremendous storm gathering – before we reached home the whole Heavens were covered as by a black pall and the atmosphere stifling sultry – not a leaf stirring. We reached home at 5.50 p.m. just as the fearful wind came such rain as one seldom sees gutters failed so did pipes. Basement was flooded.

June 13, Tuesday
A rainy sultry morning. The morning papers are full of particulars of a most terrible cyclone at New Richmond Wis. Almost the entire town swept away and hundreds killed and injured. Fire followed the wind. Then heavy cold rain. As the Telephones are all out of order I cannot hear from the Farm. At ten a man came in from North Oaks. He says no damage there.

Mary T. Hill (1846-1921) was een Britse huisvrouw, echtgenote van de spoorwegmagnaat James Hill. Ze hield van 1884 tot haar dood in 1921 een dagboek bij.

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