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Lev Tolstoj -- 13 juni 1852

June 13th. — Rose at 7.30. My health is good. Yesterday wrote Koloshin a malicious, but clever, epistle. Today have concluded it with a fooUsh, but kindly, postscript. The doctor called, and I invited myself to his place. Intend to go. Wrote little. Between the landlady and myself there exists too great a friendship. I drift into everything and in everything I am vain. There was a time when I used to be vain of my riches and my name ; but now it is of the kindliness and the simplicity of my manners. Iv. M. has a bad smell, and is also, according to the landlady, a drunkard. I intend, tomorrow, to revise the chapters of Part I. which he has not fair-copied. Have written enough, and am going to bed after 11.

Lev (Leo) Nikolajevitsj Tolstoj (1828–1910) was een Russische schrijver die veel invloed heeft gehad op de Russische literatuur en politiek. Uit: The diaries of Leo Tolstoy.

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