donderdag 20 juni 2013

Mrs Hessey -- 21 juni 1955

Tuesday, 21 June
Felt a wretched shape all day after only about 3 hours sleep.
In the afternoon we took a taxi to Pourville where we had tea - a very one-horse place now. The drive then drove us to Puys at the other end of Dieppe. A prettier beach and an interesting memorial to the Canadian commandos who tried and failed to stoerm the cliffs here.

Wednesday, 22 June
Mabel had a disaster with her bidet in the early hours which worked havoc in the room underneath, but the proprietors were kindly. A nice letter from Reg. We did nothing of note but it was a happy day for both of us.

Thursday, 23 June
In the afternoon we both packed up our suitcases which we are leaving at the Gare Maritime here tomorrow before starting for our complicated journey by rail and bus to Chartres.

Mrs Hessey's diary.

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