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Sergej Diaghilev -- 3 juni 1908

(juni 1908) He remained to the end of his days that good-natured mixture of schoolboy and schoolmaster which had always made us both laugh at him and love him. There was the story of him and the young Stravinsky. One day his pupil Stravinsky brought him a new composition to criticize. After reading through it Rimsky burst out.
"This is disgusting, Sir. No Sir, it is not permissible to write such nonsense until one is sixty." He was in a bad mood all day; then, at dinner, he exclaimed to his wife "What a herd of nonentities my pupils are! There's not one of them capable of producing a piece of rubbish such as Igor brought me this morning!"
It was in the country, on a stifling night of impending storm, that he breathed his last. Alas! What a ballet he might have written me! Stravinsky attended his funeral. Seeing him in tears, Rimsky-Korsakov's widow went up to him and said: "Don't cry, Igor. We still have Glazunov."
That was typical of her.

Sergej Pavlovitsj Diaghilev (1872–1929) was een Russische impresario. Op deze website zijn een aantal dagboekfragmenten van hem te vinden.

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