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Randy Newman -- 4 februari 2004

• Randy Newman (1943) is een Amerikaanse componist en zanger. Hij houdt op incidentele basis een journaal bij wanneer hij op tour is.

Randy’s Tour Journal — 4 February 2004

Here I am in Europe. I’ve done two shows in Belgium. I think they went pretty well. I talk less than I do at home but they seem to understand everything I say; they just didn’t think some of it was that funny.

I think some cuts are needed. “Rider In The Rain” was a hit in Belgium. An actual “hit”. So I practiced it and played it. It’s hard to understand why it wasn’t a hit all over the world as is the case with so many of my songs. “In Germany Before The War” or “Back On My Feet Again” for instance. Anyway, along with the success of their women’s tennis program (the two top players in the world are Belgian – one Flemish and one French or Walloon) and my appearances in Antwerp and Ghent, there is a closer bond between the Flemish and the French populations of the country than ever before. I’m getting some kind of award from the Queen. I don’t know what. The trip from Antwerp to Amsterdam was 2 ½ hours. I only had to stop to pee once. I’m a young sixty. There was a Little Criminal in Antwerp but I didn’t get to meet him. If any of you come to a show come back and see me. Unarmed. To Groningen tomorrow. It’s way up north but it would still be in L.A. County were I at home. It’s over 200 feet in elevation up there. I hope the altitude doesn’t cause me any problems this time. In passing, I met some very interesting cows and sheep just north of Breda. One of the cows had escaped from England during that bogus Mad Cow thing. He (she I guess – I don’t know much about cows) told me that he swam all the way to Holland from England but I don’t believe him (her). I’m staying in a hotel adjacent to the red light district. I sat in my window for three hours this evening. I bought a brand new purple light but attracted only some drunken German businessmen. There must be a better way to deal with loneliness. I want to tell you how good it made me feel to see Susan, Joan and Scott and all the other Little Criminals at UCLA. It was just about the best part of the evening for me to see all of you and have you meet my family.

By the way, I don’t know if I’m selling any tickets in Austria. It’s lovely this time of year. They love Americans too. Particularly Jews. Y’all come.

Love Randy

Note from Cathy:
Sorry he didn’t write anything about me. Again. I know how interested you are in what I’m up to. They love me in Antwerp. Randy’s age is beginning to become a burden to me. He actually stopped to pee three times. And he called that nice cow a liar. Sorry no pictures yet. Power supply is on its way.

–4 February 2004

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