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May Dewey -- 25 februari 1889

• Florence May Dewey (1869-?) woonde in 1889 in New York en hield gedurende ruim een jaar een dagboek bij.

Monday 25 This day will be a red letter day for me for I have had such a good time, I can’t tell it all. This am went and fixed our dominoes but the main thing of the day is the last of the Windsor Assemblies. I am so sorry it is the last. I wish the good times could go forever. Gussie Prentice came to dinner and went up there with us. I wore my white dress. It is lovely for I had a good time in it. Everything seems so flat and tame trying to describe the time. I will simply say what I did for I can always remember the rest. I danced the German with Gussie Prentice. Ella with Arthur Taylor and Pansy with Alfred Howard. I danced several times with Mr. Page before the German commenced. We had a few figures before supper then went up to supper. Pansy, Mr. Howard, Ella, Arthur Taylor, Miss Taylor, Arthur Page, Gussie Prentice and I were all seated at one table. Mr. Page sat opposite me. We didn’t say much. I am sure I don’t know why he looked at me so but he did. The Mandolin Quartet played through supper and such lovely music we couldn’t talk.

After supper while I was walking with Mr. Page he told me that a fellow said we must be “hard up for fellows to ask him” but he wouldn’t tell me who it was. He said the fellow meant it as a compliment. But I fail to see it and I was very much put out but not at Mr. Page. I told him he had made me feel very uncomfortable and especially Thursday night as the fellow will be there. Mr. Page felt annoyed to see that I didn’t like it but he wouldn’t tell me, so during the German he gave me the prettiest favor and said he hoped that that would be a peace offering for he didn’t want me to feel bad and made me promise I would forget all about it. Which I will endeavor to do. He spoke of it several times however later. Next to my last dance with him he said he was so sorry he couldn’t come to our affair Thursday but he hoped I would not forget him. He wants me to think of him at twelve o’clock and imagine we were dancing together. I said probibly he would be in dreamland or talking to some girl on the deck of the steamer but he promised to think of me and I also of him. He had to have my hand on it. Also I wonder if I shall forget and if he will remember or not even cast a thought on me. Well it has been one of the loveliest times I ever had thanks to these fellows – Mr. Page, Mr. Grey and Mr. Dickinson. I had my last dance and the last dance of the evening with Mr. Page. It was the Kentucky Jubilee in which I had to reissue my promise. I got in at three o’clock.

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