zaterdag 6 februari 2016

Koningin Victoria -- 6 februari 1836

Koningin Victoria van Engeland (1819-1901) hield een groot deel van haar leven een dagboek bij. Fragmenetn uit haar tienerdagboeken staan hier.

Saturday, 6th February.— ... I have quite forgotten to mention that the young Queen of Portugal was married by proxy on the 1st of January to Cousin Ferdinand, Uncle Ferdinand's eldest son, and who completed his 18th year on the 29th of last October. The negotiations to this purpose have been going on since last September, and have only just now come to an end. Count Lavradio, whom we saw just before we went to Ramsgate, went to Cobourg to meet Uncle Ferdinand and my dear Cousins Ferdinand and Augustus, there. Dear Uncle Leopold has managed a great deal of the business ; he is ever ready and ever most able to assist his family. Uncle Ferdinand has not long left Brussels, where he came to settle and arrange about this marriage. Dear Uncle Ferdinand is, of course, full of anxiety for the welfare and happiness of his son. Ferdinand will soon come to Brussels with Augustus on his way to Lisbon and they will also come here. I cannot say how happy I am to become thus related to the Queen of Portugal, who has alwavs been so kind to me and for whom I have always had a great affection. She is warm-hearted, honest and affectionate, and when she talks, is very pleasing. We have known each other since our 8th year (for there is only a month's difference of age between us). She is far from plain too; she has an exquisite complexion, a good nose and fine hair. I hear that Ferdinand is full of good and excellent qualities, has a pure and unsophisticated mind, and is very good-looking ....

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