maandag 23 maart 2015

William Morris -- 24 maart 1887

William Morris (1834–1896) was een Engelse stofontwerper, schrijver en socialist. Zijn Socialist Diary is hier te lezen.

Thursday 24th - fifty-three years old today - no use grumbling at that. The frost broke on Monday-Tuesday and we have now got reasonable weather. Monday afternoon Mahon called from Newcastle where he has been carrying on a campaign chiefly amongst the miners on strike: he reports well of it: only as he had to work with J. Williams and Hunter Watts (of the SDF) he will hardly be able to form a branch of the League, and thinks that he had better invite them to form a separate body independent of League and SDF: this is awkward but perhaps can't be helped.

Council-meeting short and confused: the two parties rather bitter but not inclined to do much since the Conference comes off so soon: settled now for Whitsunday. Lane gave notice of resolution for next Monday pledging the Council to leave the whole matter of tactics alone at present: I shall support that. I am certainly feeling discouraged about the League: between them they will break it up I fear, and then the SDF will be the only practical body here; which I don't like the idea of as its advertising tactics make it somewhat ridiculous. I shall move at the conference that the question of parliament or non-parliament be deferred for a year. The Fabians by the way have issued their parliamentary League manifesto: I don't mind this if they like to try it. But the S[ocialist] L[eague] going parliamentary would be a misfortune.

Tuesday 22nd. I gave my 'Feudal England' at Hammersmith Radical Club: nine people for audience! The fact is this is a slack time for lectures.

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