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Hubert Dunford Barnes -- 3 april 1954

Friday, April 2nd
Got a £24 repayment from income tax and also apparently a rise in salary, so shall be able to afford a new dark suit for state occasions as well as giving Mary one. She has chosen a medium brown one, with which she is very pleased for cut and style, and is having it altered.
Mr Hirons back from his four-day course on atomic warfare. Wonder if he intends to go into A.R.P. full time. Shouldn't mind of he did.

Saturday, April 3rd
Shopped and chored in morning after Nora left for Psychological Congress in Nottingham, then drove over to Reading and met Mary on platform, up by 2.30 to Clifton Court Hotel. After supper we went to A Question of Fact at the Piccadilly - Pamela Brown and Gladys Cooper - a good straight play about an adopted child who discovers his father was hanged for murder and the effect this had on his marriage and his job as a classics master at a public school.
Oxford had won the 100th boat race so wondered whether there would be liveliness in the West End, but all was jammed by gum chewing American air force in civvies.

Monday, April 5th
The field was white with frost. Looking from my window at school into the walled garden, the strips of daffodils are in flower, the pear trees covered with tiny yellow buds, which catch the light, contrast with the apples' whitish grey. The eye is tired of the evergreens which have accompanied our winter journey, and looks eagerly to the chestnuts, which are bursting into tiny leaf. The grass fields opposite have been ploughed, harrowed, reseeded and rolled. They lie waiting to conceive, the shadow of trees pencilled delicately on the smooth curve of their breasts. Mr Marcham [the head gardener], Len and a party of boys are at work planting early potatoes.

Thursday, April 8th
Anniversary of the entente with France in 1904. Only wish they were more satisfactory allies.

Hubert Dunford Barnes (1900-1984), Headmaster of the Grammar School, Henley-on-Thames from 1934 to 1957, kept a diary from 1940 until 1980.

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