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Andy Warhol -- 10 april 1977

Saturday, April 9, 1977
Brigid called and started screaming because she found out that Bad was X-rated for violence just because a baby gets thrown out a window! You don't even see it land! Brigid was yelling for "getting me into another X-rated movie." I can't believe the distributor - Corman - didn't fight that, it's just so ridiculous.

Sunday, April 10, 1977
Went to early mass, a beautiful day, warm and sunny (newspapers and mags for the week $20). Cab to Kitty Miller's for Easter lunch ($2).
Then cab to 135 Central Park West with Fred to Marsia Trinder and Lenny Holzer's ($3). Marsia was having an Easter party. Mick was there with Jade. Bianca didn't come, she said that Fred would give her the gossip anyway and that it would be "a bunch of English whores" there, and she was right - it was all the English boy and girl whores.
Rebecca was passed out there. Earl McGrath was there. Jade took my camera and was taking pictures of people, mostly of her father, Mick. Marsia had hidden eggs all around the apartment, like unscrewing the light bulb and putting an egg there, and under pillows, and the kids went looking. Jade found most of them and threw them on the floor. The real eggs, not chocolate. Andrea Portago was there and this is a secret - she's the new Nina Ricci girl. They're reviving that Rich Girl promotion idea for perfumes, they've been looking for a long time. Remember last year when they interviewed Barbara Allen?
Andrea said she was out with Dennis Hopper and they went up to Elaine's and she started playing backgammon with Elaine and she won one and Elaine won one, and they started a third game and Andrea was losing and then she won, and Elaine got mad and called her a "rich bitch" and told her not to come in there again. Elaine dosn't like to lose.

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was een Amerikaanse kunstenaar. Hij hield een dagboek bij van 1976-1987.

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